Sunday, December 19, 2010
Adding Realistic Color to Cheeks - Photoshop Tutorial

Go to the layer you want to add cheeks to.
 Here I want to add them to my Nutcrackers Face on my Nutcracker Template (on sale in my stores)
so I've clicked on my Head layer (I don't want the cheeks to go over the eyes, nose or Mustache so I've chosen the layer beneath all of these.

Using your eyedropper (1) choose a color you want for the cheek.
Here I've chosen dc6767

Now choose your "Ellipse Tool" from the Custom Shapes tools.

Draw a circle on his cheek. (It doesn't matter how perfect the circle is since we're going to blur it out.

I renamed my layer to "Cheek" (because I always have many layers in my templates and I want to keep them straight)

Go to the top and choose "Filter" and then "Blur" and then "Gaussian Blur"
(My screen snapshot won't pick up the menus for some reason, sorry)

Choose a Radius that blurs out your image like mine.
Here I've used 50.5 (My image is 3600x3600 so you'll need to adjust this according to the size of your image)

Now Highlight your "Cheek" layer (1) and while holding the CTRL key click on the layer that you want the cheek color to stay on. For me it's the Head (2).
You should now see the marching ants around the layer you want the cheek color to stay on (3)

Go to your top menu and choose "Select" and then "Inverse"
Now while holding down the CTRL key hit "X" (CTRL+X). This will cut all of the cheek that is outside of the head. (If it says "Can't complete because of a computer error" don't worry, that just means that there isn't any of the cheek color that has spilled outside the head layer)

Now go to your Blend Options and choose Hard Light from the drop down menu
(You can play around with the different blend options for various effects)

Here is my final image.
(I also lowered the Opacity in the Layers Pallet to about 75%)
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